I am casting a local drama series set in present day Auckland that features a female character in her twenties (20’s) who identifies as trans female.

About the character

I am looking for a young Maori woman who can play a fully rounded character who is intense, quick-witted, and fiercely intelligent. She has a close-knit group of friends who are now her chosen family and she puts all her faith in them, never wanting to look back, as she sees her journey as resilience from painful memories. She has a strong belief in right and wrong and is not scared of calling out hypocrites and abusers of power. Sometimes her highly politicised nature lacks empathy to see both sides of a situation and this can hurt friends. And worse, make enemies of those she targets. Like all of us, she is an evolving human being who has much to give and much to learn

If you have a background in performance and/or simply feel you can relate to and could portray this character with inspiration on the TV series, we’d love to hear from you.

Location & dates

Your application to audition must be in by Friday 23 December.

You must be available for an audition – and for successful applicants – a callback some time in DECEMBER 2022 or JANUARY 2023.

For the purposes of filming you must live in the Greater Auckland area.

If successfully cast, you must be available for rehearsals and shooting dates across FEBRUARY / MARCH / APRIL 2023

What to do next

Application deadline Friday 23 December 2022

1. Submit video & photos


Film a short video (on your phone – in landscape mode – no longer than 2 minutes) of you having a chat directly to camera.

Hold a piece of paper with your name, age, location and contact phone number and,

1. Please state:
Your name
Your age
Your location

2. Tell us a little about yourself, your passions and why you think you would be perfect for this role.

Please name the video file: Firstname_Lastname_video


Please take 2 photos of yourself:

1. Head and shoulders.
Please name the file : Firstname_Lastname_HS

2. Full length shot of you.
Please name the file: Firstname_Lastname_FS

If you have any issues uploading files, get in touch with us.

2. Fill out the form

After you’ve submitted your video and photos, fill out the form below.

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