We unleash actors with our professional skill and know-how in a variety of popular clinics that suit the occasion & wallet

We like to think of our clinics as more of a drop-in and freshen up than a hard grind workshop. Acting training as instinctive and alive, rather than ponderous, over-thought or talky. Our clinics currently are either 1 hour One-on-One sessions or our new Prep For Pilot sessions which happen every couple of Wednesday nights a month. We believe in keeping clinic numbers small & boutique-styles so every actor gets plenty of time and care with us.


 Current Clinics we offer


One on One

1 hour intensive – 1 person maximum.
You have an hour. Work a drama script to impress a new Agent or brush up your technique before an important audition. 

Morning or Afternoon Clinics available

Prep For Pilot

2.5 hour film script intensive – 12 actor maximum. Observers welcome.
It’s so many things. A bi-monthly class in being directed, trying on new roles, practicing your US accent, hammering home your scene work. Email us on info@barefootcasting.com for details and dates to this crazily popular clinic. 

Evening Clinics – 6:00pm – 8:30pm now booking



BeckyKuekBecky Kuek – Actor

I feel like I learned more in this one clinic than I have in all my screen acting classes put together. It was a really fantastic day and I walked away really proud of the work I’d done, and it’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling…


Some Actor Hurts
  • You were perfect for that role but somehow lost focus in the audition room – hey, you were great in the car on the way there….
  • You’re having a dream run in the TV commercial world and would love to step up and translate that success to the TV drama world.
  • You just plain ran out of time to prepare for an important screen test and as you walk out of the audition, you felt you hadn’t put you best foot forward
  • You have a big job interview. Your confidence, personal presentation and projection are a bit of a concern?
  • You haven’t had an audition in an eternity and you want to get back on that horse again rather than step into the unknown.
Some Casting Director Hurts
  • A late actor to an audition is a rushed, panicked actor and no good to us.
  • Unprepared actors are uninspirational. To themselves and others.
  • Nervous actors haven’t worked out that we want them to be great just as much as they want to be great.
  • Dialogue is just the icing on the cake – ©Irene Drake

With our unique position, we believe we are able to pass on some mighty helpful advice to folks who might need it.


BoniTukiwahoBoni Tukiwaho – Actor / Director

I have attended a few of these type of workshops. They have had great atmospheres of learning but the one with you guys yesterday was the first one I’ve been to that I’ve seen the whole group truly unify. An awesome feat! Ironically, it also is the only one I’ve been to that hasn’t had any of the normal team building games to start with…


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